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Transformation sessions. Butterfly maiden

Transformation sessions (Inner child work)

Our Transformation offering is an interactive journey through the experiences stored in our bodies, where we connect with the wounded self with compassion, and uncover the reason behind our behavior.
It can happen that there is a younger part of us that felt vulnerable and got hurt at some point in our lives. Now, they are trying to protect us by blocking us from ever going through similar experiences again.
As we see them and acknowledge them, we can connect with their emotions, heal them, and bring down the walls that they built for protection, thus experiencing life more freely. 
This is a process designed to assist you in letting go all that no longer serves you.

Especially effective to release stubborn physical pain. 
Sessions can be held in person or by video call.
Available as 'discovery' single session or a package.

Art by Helena Nelson Reed,


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