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There is a crack in the wall

It feels like if I were surrounded by a thick wall that stops me from really understanding what is going on outside me and at the same time prevents me from feeling what is going on inside me. It has been there so long that I can no longer see it’.

She described it perfectly.

Can you feel your wall?
Whether you grew up with an unpredictable adult in your household, had to shut down your intuition to fit in at school or there was no one to hold you when you cried, your younger self learnt soon to build up a wall of protection that kept you safe.

But one day you felt a crack in the wall. You might have got in touch with your intuition unexpectedly, or maybe started having flashbacks or vivid dreams about repressed memories.

This is all good news.

When this happens, know that your adult self can now deal with the wounds of your past, and they are ready to parent every one of the aspects of your inner child. It might be scary, it might seem overwhelming, but you are ready to integrate every part of your being.

As the wall breaks a little more every day, something magical happens:

You take your power back.

I see another crack in my wall, and it is great news.

How is yours?

Fallow land

There is a loneliness in the creative process.

We have an idea or a strong guidance that we feel compelled to follow. We meditate, do the work and then… there is a silence. It seems that all stands still. ‘There is a block’, we think. And we feel a void between what we want and the place where we are.
What is really happening?

Part of the process consists in amplifying our capacity to hold. We need to grow “bigger hands” to be able to hold all the abundance that we are creating.
This capacity to hold can become a challenge if there is a wounded child inside us.

  • a child that learnt they were never worthy of attention (you will never succeed),
  • a child that learnt that good things always happen to others (you do not deserve this)
  • a child that learnt that it is not safe to receive (you are putting yourself in danger).What is really happening?

    It is essential to look at this child, hold them, keep them safe. No one can do this for you.

    The next time you feel stuck in your creative process, try to see it as a sign of the Universe treating you like fallow land. The universe is providing you with a time of nourishment and healing in that area of your life that needs it.

    Allow that child to resurface during your fallow time, love them, see them, set them free.
    And see the void disappearing.


How much is too much?

We have been countless times privileged to witness the blessings of this question.
'Maria, how much is too much?'
And then, we see you: courageous being ready for change.
Regardless of their situation, we feel that they have finally arrived at a crossroad. There is a different awareness now. They have opened a space for change
This question can have 2 different perspectives:

a) When someone feels stuck in a negative loop (an unfulfilling job, a toxic relationship, an unkind situation)
'How much contempt, violence or rejection are too much?'

b) When someone finds it very difficult to accept the positive changes that they had worked so hard on to create in their life.
'How much love, money or support are too much?'

In both cases we can see the effects of trauma. We see someone feeling unsafe, unable to express their truth and yearning to embrace their birth right: a full life.
We all carry a Divine spark within the threefold flame in our hearts. We came to this planet to learn our lessons and love unconditionally. Love ourselves unconditionally.

Listen to your intuition, your gut feeling does not lie.
When you are ready, start making small changes and open yourself a little bit more everyday to receive all the abundance that surrounds you and more.
We cannot erase trauma, but we can help you retrieve all the pieces of your soul that were broken and hidden away during that time of pain.

Food, glorious food! When the food you eat holds your soul, but not your body (part 1)

Food, glorious food (part 1)

When the food you eat holds your soul but not your body

Recently, I took a week off from London and went on my own to find some peace in the countryside.
On my return, I found myself happily cooking my sons’ favourite dishes (the vegan, low fat, gluten free version of them, that is). During dinner, one of them looked at his plate and said: ‘I can’t believe this is comfort food…but it is!’
Do you also find that some foods, like some people or places, touch your soul in a special way? Do some flavours make you feel ‘at home’?
And what to do then, if you realize that the foods that seem to balance your emotions, is good for your body no longer? What happens when you suspect that it is making you sick?

A particularly important part of my healing journey has been learning to listen and acknowledge the nutritional needs of my body and its deep need to cleanse. I say cleanse. We cleanse our space, our minds of clutter, why not our bodies?

I have been working for the past few months with the book ‘Cleanse to heal’ by Anthony William, who offers a very innovative approach to health, with a varied list of different options and the benefits of introducing celery juice in your diet.
Spoiler alert: alcohol, chips, gluten, and refined sugars are not healing foods. But you knew that already, did you not?
So, what can you do to honour the needs of your soul and the needs of your body? You create new comfort foods that tick all the boxes. Simple. Your choice.
We are meant to be full of energy, have dreams, finish what we start, feel, have friends, be healthy.
Remember that your inner child is expecting. you to make better decisions every day. Talk to them. They count on you.

Food glorious food! When the food you eat does not hold your soul, it cannot hold your body (part 2)

Lucy (not her real name) was a new client. She came to me after working on her diet for a couple of years. She had made incredible progress and her health had improved exponentially.
However, she could not explain why after eating this one --very healthy- dish, her body will react to it in different ways, ranging from a skin rash to palpitations. She said that she had no problem eating all the ingredients in the recipe in other dishes, just not this one.

When I asked her about the ingredients, her energy transformed to that of a little girl. It was a dish that her grandmother used to make for her in special occasions.

During the session, we uncovered that she ate it on the day of a very traumatic event. Her body was reliving a forgotten trauma with every bite, hence the skin rash, the nausea, the palpitations…
Have you had a similar experience?
The thing is that we all have strong feelings about food. Whether you follow a specific diet, eat a bit of everything or do regular cleanses. Food keeps us alive and sometimes it is just the only thing that we can control.
So what to do?
Next time you make a food choice, I invite you to consider your body and your emotions. I invite you to talk to your soul and talk to your food. But above all, I invite you to hold the thought that change and healing are possible.
You were never meant to do this alone.
We have your back.

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How are you looking after your mental health?

And Autumn it is!
It is now time to harvest the fruits of the summer (new ideas, new projects, new relationships or simply your home-grown food). This is a time for abundance and celebration. Enjoy it. Every minute of it.
But if you are, in any way, affected by a mental health condition, the change of season can also be incredibly challenging.
We are connected to this planet on more ways that we remember.

As a child, I had the chance to observe the behaviour of several people with mental health issues in my own household, ranging from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder to schizophrenia.

As a child, I knew that the days around the equinox or solstice were the time for possible / very probable acute episodes of their illnesses. A change of wind, a sudden hot day, unexpected torrential rain…
This experience gave me a thirst for understanding mental health, that stays with me to this day.
It is also true, that at some point in our lives, there might be a situation that unroots us from our bodies, and creates so much noise in our mind that we need time and care to comeback.
This is OK.

No one is immune to mental health issues. In the same way that we care for our bodies, we need to care for our minds.
The right nutrition, exercise, and support can make a big difference in the quality of life of those affected, temporarily or chronically, by mental health issues. Regular Eternal Light healing treatments and the appropriate combination of Flower and gem essences can also be very beneficial.
Do not ignore the symptoms.
Reach out for support, we can hold a safe space for you to heal.

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How is fear affecting your life?

Fear is a curious emotion, don’t you think? It comes in all shapes and sizes.
We fear for our health, and stop doing what will make us feel better.
We fear for our loved ones, and a part of us wants to keep them ‘safe and protected’ which will obviously, stop them from learning how to feel safe on their own.
We fear that we will never get what we really want or who we really want, and so we start walking in the opposite direction when any of them come our way.
And we cannot forget the fear reinforced at an early age in situations of repetitive trauma 'you will never be loved' 'you are worthless'.
As humans, we are adaptable and resilient, and when there is no other choice, we know that no challenge is too hard.
In a world of polarities, I find useful to remember that when fear is around, so it is courage. You get to decide which one is more present in your life.
So, let us rephrase my initial question:
How is courage affecting your life?
Take a deep breath. Look around.Think in your last victory. There are more to come.
You a doing great

Bach flower remedies for healing fear:
Mimulus: for known fears
Aspen: for unknown fears
Red chestnut: for fears concerning others
Cherry Plum: for fears of losing control
Rock rose: for panic

If you find your process overwhelming, know that these essences and other support are available here

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What part of your truth is in your story?

Growing up, I liked to invent stories. I would write and write until the pain, I was suffering, disappeared.
As an adult, I must admit that sometimes I have found myself doing the same thing: inventing stories to block the pain of unpleasant experiences. I am not talking about telling lies to loved ones or co-workers, but to myself. Have you been there too?

It is not seldom that I see clients with the same pattern. When the experience of old trauma comes to their awareness or they find themselves far away from their comfort zone, they make up a story, that helps them carry on with their everyday life from a safe, less challenging place.
Although, initially, I feel that this can be a valid coping mechanism, there is a moment when this 'victim consciousness' does no longer serve you, and you need to look at the whole picture. If you want to thrive in life, that is.
What often happens is that we put our attention to the negative situations and disregard the beauty. In other words, we see the rubbish bins overflowing in the park and we don't pay attention to the trees or the sunset.
Life is a fascinating experience. Do the work to heal your pain, but do not lose track of the love and gentleness in, and around you.
Let go.
Be courageous.
Close your eyes and call on all the wonderful memories that dwell in your body.
Allow yourself to be amazed by your own beauty.

For times of change, I would recommend a Bach Flower combination of:
Honeysuckle: for letting go of the past
Star of Bethlehem: to heal unresolved trauma
Walnut: for adapting to new situations
Mimulus: for known fears
Willow: for victim consciousness

How is your inner child reacting to the lockdown?

I hope this finds you well and that you and your loved ones are safe in these unprecedented times.
I like to see the current situation as an opportunity to look at pains and joys in our lives, that we could no longer notice
After a couple of days sorting out the logistics of staying indoors as much as possible, and understanding that uncertainty is the new certainty, I realised that my skin had odd dry patches…when did that happen?
It was time, then, to take a deep breath. Meditate. And suddenly I saw her. My inner child was far from happy.
In a form of karmic poetry there is a meme going around social media that says:

"Did the Earth just sent us to our room to think what we have done?"

How is your inner child reacting to the lock down?
Are you playful with your partner/ children / flat mates around your home? Are you dancing away while cooking your food, sunbathing in balconies and back gardens, when possible…? Great.

But what, if this situation triggers memories hidden in your consciousness? What if your body feels like a child being told off (again), punished for doing nothing wrong (again), forced to do something that doesn’t want to do, by a figure of authority (again)? And this time, you feel, you cannot run either…
Regardless of how long you have been working on your own healing, the reality that we are living during this pandemic, will tap onto old wounds.
It is common, in situations like this, to shut down, become ungrounded and experience intense basic emotions or apathy.
What can you do?
Bring yourself to the present moment. Move your body, dance, jump, stretch. Feel the emotions and 'shake them off' your consciousness. That same pain is not happening now. It is a memory.
The body tends to go into emotional shock when situations emerge that resemble old traumatic ones. It’s OK. You are OK.
Be courageous: ground yourself. If you have a back garden, go barefoot on the grass. Open your window and feel the air on your skin. Meditate.
Talk to your inner child and hold them. Tell them that they are safe now.
Talk to the outside world. Chose people with a positive outlook. Remember, always choose yourself.

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Eclipse season: July 2019

Summer holidays it is, then.
The eclipse season (2nd & 16th July) has brought upon our eyes the confrontation of old beliefs and new reality, giving us the perfect time to let go at a very deep level.
Have you found yourself reliving, in your mind, past situations that you thought had been healed and resolved? I know I have. Sometimes we hold on to the pain, the anger and the frustration.
In the healing process our ego comes through, there is an inner voice that holds onto the pain and the struggle as this is all we know.
It seems that we fear our Light more than we fear our darkness.
So, what would you do if you let go of your pain? What would you do with the void that appears in your whole being? The answer is very simple, we fill it with Light.

And that is what we are going to do today.In this meditation I guide through a process that will help you integrate in these times of change. My gift to you today.
Listen to my Letting go & Clearing meditation

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Alta major chakra, Atlasprofilax and spiritual growth

There is a point in the nape of your neck, where your spine and your skull meet. If, very gently, you trace, with your fingertips up your cervical spine, you will find it. It is a tender point where, in most cases, another person’s touch feels invasive. This is where the Alta major chakra is located.

Some spiritual traditions call this point ‘the mouth of God’ / ‘the mouth of the Goddess’. It is a doorway to a higher consciousness, to your Higher Self, an important piece in your ascension process. And it is intimately connected with your atlas bone or C-1. We know that a mis-aligned atlas will have an effect on the amount of Light that this chakra receives.

As a very sensitive person, my experience with AtlasPROfilax® was very intense. This is the word that best describes this treatment.

In 2008, I saw a brochure, contacted a practitioner and had the treatment within a few days. My body started realigning from the second I stood up after the application and for the first time in my life, it did not feel fragile. But what I thought was only a physical alignment, had an unexpected effect.
During the month following the treatment, I knew I needed to integrate the changes happening in my body with healing sessions. There was far too much activity in my energy field (that was suddenly visible to me) and I felt I needed support. I had already started studies into Eternal Light healing, so I knew this was the right frequency for me.

'An aligned atlas. allows your body to better support you'

The connection with my guidance felt easier, I could go into a meditative state effortlessly and I felt a sense of expansion, purpose and clarity unknown to me before the treatment. I felt full of Light. I started asking questions within, daring to make big decisions. I was meant to do this work and support others. And so I did.
Eventually I found out about the intimate relation between Atlasprofilax and the alta major chakra when years later, a client found me after reading the'The Power of Shakti. 18 Pathways to ignite the energy of the Divine Woman' by Pradma Aon Prakasha, Destiny books, 2009.
AtlasPROfilax® is a neuromuscular massage technique that focuses on the short muscles of the neck - the suboccipital muscles - that surround and stabilize the head joints (base of the skull, atlas and axis vertebras).
Atlasprofilax might be able to help you if are experiencing any of the following:

Scoliosis or hip misalignment
You feel that you need to 'hold' your head in the right position
You have repetitive headaches that 'start on the nape of your skull'
You experience a sense of constant general discomfort
When you sit to meditate you feel tension in the alta major area
You would like to connect more clearly to your intuition/ higher self

Whatever your reason, do get in touch. We can support you. You are in the right place.

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Eternal Light healing- questions answered

What is Eternal Light / Gaia healing? How many sessions will I need to heal, to feel well, to sleep better? How would I feel after a session? Will my pain go? Will I forgive those who, I feel, wronged me when I was a child, will I be able to move forward? Is this modality only for people that are very spiritual?

These are some of the questions I have been asked this past week. In truth, we all have different journeys and after experiencing the same situation, we all have a different view of what happened.

Eternal Light is a system of healing energies of a very high vibration - an octave higher than Reiki - that comprises 15 different frequencies, each with unique qualities, being Gaia the foundation of this system. We live in her land, don't we? It makes sense.

These energies carry divine intelligence, so they only come through for the highest good of the person that comes for healing.

In order to keep this system as clear as possible, all the Eternal Light / Gaia healers are asked to work only with these frequencies. This means that when you choose an Eternal Light / Gaia healer, the energies you receive will be pure.

At the beginning of my journey, I used to practice on my children, giving them a short healing session just before bed time. At age 7, one of them described Gaia as Love. 'It feels like when you give me a hug, all the time, even if your hands don't touch me'.

I work with people from all walks of life, different belief systems, different ages and in different situations.They all have something in common, though, they are all open to receiving.

Finally, with so many different healing modalities available, how do you know that Eternal Light /Gaia healing is for you? I advise that you go within, and follow your intuition. If it feels right, it probably is.

Wishing you a healing day

Did you sleep well last night?

Sometimes I find a common issue in my clients. It comes in waves. As we are all interconnected this doesn’t surprise me but I still find it fascinating.

Since I brought out my ‘Essential time-out’ sessions, I see kind beings with a happy family life, a rewarding job and more sleepless nights than they would like to experience.

Some of them have already tried a few therapies, taken food supplements and different medication in the hope to rest at night. But nothing seems to work.

Usually their diet has already been addressed. They are perfectly fed and watered. But the sleep deprivation is taking away their health and their hope of healing.

Sleeping is a basic human need, like eating, drinking and breathing. And breathing, I say.

How is your breath?

Do you find your body only shallow breathing?

When does this happen?

As children we know how to breathe in a way that serves us best. Shallow breathing is a common response to situations of fear and also to deep traumatic experiences. Your body releases adrenaline and your breath become shallow. If you experience repetitive situations of stress that affect you, you might be constantly flooded by adrenaline in a fight or flight situation.

The best way to get rid of that adrenaline is movement. Run, do yoga, get a punch bag, choose a set of high intensity exercises that are suitable for you. And once you find what works, keep doing it, keep using your magic key.

A good night of sleep will follow.

Choose to breathe consciously and be fully aware of what is going on in your body.

If patterns keep repeating, there might be a traumatic event in your past that needs to be addressed and healed. Remember that no one has a better knowledge of yourself that you. And at the same time, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Meditate.

My way of listening to my body is meditation. Only in that silence I can hear the whispers or the cries of my body.

How is it for you?

Wishing you a healing day & a restful night

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New Year Resolutions - Atlas healing newsletter Jan 2019

We are already Two weeks into the new year and, after listening to countless resolutions, I feel that we all we want to learn how to love and look after ourselves better.

Whether you’have pledged to include healthy foods in your diet, drink more water, exercise, reconnect to that yoga group you used to go to or find a better job, the way I see it, it’s all about self -love.
And love is also about communication. With the busyness of our lives, we forget that we have the answers within.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to listen to the first whispers of your body instead of waiting till your whole being starts screaming and your voice gets muddled up with chronic conditions, pain, anxiety or fear?

Try this simple exercise to listen to your body:

  • Sit with your back straight, preferably supported and your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Allow your hands to rest on your lap, with the palms up, open to receiving.
  • Close your eyes. Know that when you close your eyes you can ‘see’ inside your body.
  • Take a deep breath and breathe out your day
  • Check which parts of your body need attention. Starting from your head, your neck, your shoulders and continue down the rest of your body
  • Sometimes you might be drawn to a painful area that you are already familiar with. Sometimes it will be a different one. Be open to receiving whatever your intuition and the silence of your body want to tell you.

    Love is communication. Talk to yourself (and listen).





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