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AtlasPROfilax ®

What happens during an Atlasprofilax ® appointment?

The treatment comprises two appointments.

  • In the first visit, and after a consultation, we will perform 13 different checks to determine whether your atlas needs to be treated and proceed to the application if this is needed.
  • In the second visit that is a free follow up, we will check your atlas, offer you a support therapy and suggest after care when appropriate.


Do I really need only one application for this treatmenet to be successful?


Yes, in most of the cases that is all you need. 

Depending on the history of your body, sometimes we need to repeat the application.  We encourage you to commit to your health and comeback for check up when advised to do so.  


How long do I need to leave between both appointments

We recommend to leave at least 3 weeks for your body to integrate the changes in a better way.

Is the Atlasprofilax ® application painful?

We all have a different degree of sensitivity. Some people can find it slightly uncomfortable and others can even feel relaxed and peaceful. The most important thing is that we are here to hold the space and work at the pace that your body allows.
There will be no cracking bones or aggressive manipulations.

I am pregnant, can I have the treatment?

We advice not to have the correction during pregnancy.

Can my child have her atlas realigned?

Yes. AtlasPROfilax ® is also a preventive therapy. We work on children too. Please contact us for an informal chat if you are thinking to bring your child.

Is there anything I need to do before an appointment?

We ask you not to have any spine manipulations for a week before the first appointment.

Do I need to undress for the treatment



Eternal Light ® Healing

How many Healing sessions do I need?

This is one of the questions I get asked more often.
We are all different. I usually recommend to have 1 session per week for 3-4 weeks. By then usually you will know if you need more work.



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