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About remote healing:
"My dad had stroke in 2021. In order to help him recover physically and emotionally, I contacted Maria who is very professional and trustworthy in this area. She performed many sessions on my dad and helped relieving the blockage in his energy body and emotional body.

After about two years, my dad is visibly in better physical condition ― he can walk, eat, speak and drive like a normal person. His mood also improved ― less anger and resentment, more peace and respect towards others" C.L (China).

After an Alta Major attunement:
"Energy work with Maria was very powerful for me. Her calm, gentle, compassionate way of being helped put me at at ease and allowed healing energy to flow. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is seeking spiritual clarity! " C.A.(USA)

"I had the Alta Major attunement done with Maria today and it was amazing . I contacted her a week ago wanting to do the attunement asap as I felt a calling to it and she fitted me in so quick and in my time convenience which I am very grateful for as I know how busy she is .
Maria was waiting for me when I joined the zoom link and greeted me with so much reassurance that I felt comfortable right from the start . She took me through beautiful meditations to connect me to the light , Mother Earth and to myself.
The attunement felt like a gentle energetic pull on my spine, aligning me, after which I felt an immediate connection to the Light that went right through my spinal cord .
It’s only been a few hours but I feel so light in my head and my body , just like I’m floating and I have a gentle smile on my face . I am looking forward to integrating this attunement. I have already referred my sister and my best friend to Maria .
Thank you from my heart . What you have done for me means a lot and I will come back for my inner child healing. Thank you." M.R.(UK)

"Maria helped me to release an acute back pain and a tailbone injury that I have been suffering from for over 6 months. I wasn’t able to sit for more than an hour before the treatment and after just 2 sessions my pain has gone. A week after the second treatment I went for a 23 hours driving journey and I didn’t have any pain which was truly remarkable.

What i particularly value about Maria’s work is that it’s very multidimensional and addresses the complexity of the human body considering all the invisible aspects of a healing journey.

Besides a relief from a physical pain I also received an incredible support with my mental and emotional distress that I couldn’t solve with other therapists." S.L. London

"A life saver ...I was at absolute rock bottom after seeing neurologists and chiropractors over 2 year period with no real progress with ataxia symptoms: .difficulty walking/balancing/writing/typing and vision/speech problems. No-one was able to help me I thought so pretty depressing thinking I have to live like this, but after the AtlasPROfilax treatment from Maria, I felt renewed hope that I could heal myself - felt like I was given a new head - clarity and calmness of thought, vision so clear and all my motor control just that bit more consistent and modulated. Maria is relaxed, professional, thoughtful and insightful - I am blessed - thank you." N.R.(UK)

"Maria has helped me achieve a significant reduction in back and hip pain. I also feel stronger and more present. The process itself is a bit uncomfortable, but Maria creates a safe, open, welcoming space to process any emotions and release tension whilst moving the atlas (continuing with the treatment). Extremely professional and attentive, I would highly recommend exploring the services she offers" LF(UK)

"Maria has helped me immensely in feeling my wounds and growing with and through 'them'. She has held my soul in a loving manner many times during periods of angst and suffering; I am infinitely grateful and feel soooo blessed to have met her. I also absolutely love the delicious chocolates she makes! They are heavenly :) THANK YOU Maria "
Jorjiya Leaf (London)

" After a period of adjustment (perhaps 3 to 4 months although I understand this will be a lifetime process), I have found that my balance, concentration, sleep patterns and many other things are vastly improved. Most importantly, my neck pain has vanished! Also I now have full rotation. I would strongly recommend Maria if you are looking to undertake this procedure. She is a very grounded, balanced and wise practitioner who was happy to provide me with a great deal of helpful advice for my life in general - a natural healer which you will sense when you meet her. I intend to visit her again for some further healing in the future :-)!
Edward Rex (London)

"I was eventually recommended doing this therapy by my acupuncturist/chiropractor who said that there are things he can do and things he can’t do. I found Maria by simple web search and she immediately made me feel like this was the right thing for me to do. After the initial conversation and examination she started the procedure. I’m not going to sugar code it, for me this was very painful not only physically but also mentally, I felt a lot of emotions were released. After the procedure I felt my posture being more straight and I didn’t get any pain when I hold myself up straight, my shoulders are even now and on the more spiritual side I feel more open as a person, open for challenges of life, open to face my fears. Maria is a blessing and I would and already have recommended her to people close to me, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to make this investment towards a more aligned life."
Kadri Vahersalu (London)

"The Atlas Healing therapy (atlasprofilax) turned out to be so effective I can't just believe!

I used to go to all sorts of therapists and doctors for decades (I'm in my 40-ties) to help me with my back and leg pains but the relief was only temporarily.

After my first session with you everything has changed.
3 months after I still feel very well, all pains and aches in back and legs disappeared.
I have more energy then before the treatment and after the 2nd treatment-I feel balanced and full of life-like never before.

My sleep pattern, memory and ability to cope with high level stress have improved greatly.

I can recommend Atlas healing to everyone with similar problems.
It is enormously effective and a great money saver.
Just 2 treatments and no more problems and pain!

I'm totally renewed and happy person- THANK YOU MARIA for changing my life and opening me gate to better, healthier life!

Eva (London)

"I have Gaia Healing (Eternal Light Healing ®) on regular basis, I found that it is deeply relaxing. Maria is very sensitive and caring and I thoroughly recommend her.”
Georgia, London

"Because I am a working single mum of two children and no extended family in London, is very easy not to live a stress-free life. Nevertheless, I have endeavoured to tame my thoughts and connect with my inner self as much as possible. With Eternal Light Healing ® my body is able to fall into a state of calmness that lasts forever in a complete natural way. Afterwards I feel joyful and back in control. Eternal Light Healing ® is my rescue remedy and I use it as an instant fix especially when having to deal with difficulties ahead." R.N. London

"I had all treatments offered with Maria and they all have been a life saver for me. I had pain in my shoulder which conventional medicine (injection, physiotherapy, painkillers) was not helping with, so I turned to alternative therapy. I had my Atlas corrected first. The relief from pain was immediate for me but it did not last forever and came back with small “tingling” so we continued the treatment with S.C.E.N.A.R. and Eternal Light Healing ® I had these treatments about 6 years ago and I am pain free 95% of time. 5% mean – time to time I can feel the small pain in my shoulder but I correct that with movements/exercise.
Maria herself is a very positive person and she implement that to her therapies so you come out feeling “light” and refreshed – I did." Danka Atkin, London

"Dear Maria!

I would like to say how nice it was the treatment with Atlasprofilax ®. I had a huge problem with lots of tension in my upper back and shoulders and after the treatment, coming back to Brazil, I must say that my massage therapist noticed lots of difference in my back, neck and shoulders. She noticed that my tension had decreased a lot and I was dealing much better with my neck. I also feel a better and deeper connection while meditating. So I thank you a lot and suggest this treatment for everyone interested in improving connection with him/herself.
Send you lots of love and gratitude!"
Heloisa Feichas, Brazil

Atlasprofilax ® meant a real change in my body. Being a teacher, I spend many hours at a computer, sitting at my desk, where sometimes we don’t keep the best postures. I used to have lots of tension in my back and shoulders, and suffered from recurrent stiff neck or frozen shoulder. It was a big inconvenience for me to carry out my duties and it didn’t help to sleep and rest properly.
Since I have the Atlasprofilax ® realignment done my posture has improved, the stiff neck or frozen shoulders have disappeared from my life.
Since then, and this was some years now, I believe to have had only one episode of discomfort in my neck, that healed easily.
The technique of Atlasprofilax ® really resets your spine and posture and brings it back to natural alignment and wellbeing.
To keep this alignment and increase the energy of the body I would highly recommend keeping up with sessions of Eternal Light Healing ®. I have been having them with Maria and I cannot praise enough the benefits in my body and general wellbeing in this last year. Thanks so much”.
Isabel Perez, London


  • With immense gratitude to Shimara Kumara for anchoring on the planet the beautiful Eternal Light ® frequencies. Contact Shimara Kumara for workshops in Devon (UK) and worldwide.
  • For amazing raw chocolates attuned to healing energies and crystals please see Andromeda Alchemy
  • For Amanae in London contact Claudia Torres
  • You can find more information about the AtlasPROfilax ® method and training here


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