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Chakra attunement

A chakra attunement is a process that helps you access the Light that you are.
It is not a shortcut in your healing path, it is a journey in itself.
This is deep and very specific work.
Have you been on a path of personal growth for a while, and, still, there are aspects of the process that you find difficult to come to terms with?
We are movement. Every cell, every atom in our bodies is in constant movement. Our cells hold the memory of every experience from this life time and in many cases from previous ones. Occasionally, we find stuck energy in certain areas of our bodies. Addressing the chakra system is a great way to move forward.

Chakra attunements available the second week of every month. Contact me

  • How do I know which chakra needs work?

I prefer to understand chakra initiations as a commitment for balance. I recommend you to work on all your main chakras, including the Alta Major, for better results, but I am happy to guide you on an individual chakra healing too.

  • Can I have all the attunements in one session?

Each initiation is a sacred process that unfolds during 2-3 weeks. We recommend to leave 3-4 weeks between initiations.

  • What initiations do you offer?

I offer attunements in the following chakras: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, Crown and Alta Major.

  • All chakra attunements can be performed remotely

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